Podcast Recommendation: Presidents are People, Too!

I like to read all about history and how where we've been directly impacts where we are right now. From the Supreme Court decisions to the battles to the petty politicking, everything that's happened has all culminated to where we are now. What often gets lost in translation, though, is that all of the people in history are actual people with personalities, hobbies, and quirks.

Alexis Coe and Elliott Kalan host a podcast on Audible entitled, "Presidents are People, Too," in which they delve into who US presidents were when they weren't busy signing bills into laws. The presidents had friends and insecurities. Some were introverts who became the president begrudgingly, while others embraced the larger-than-life persona that accompanied the new job.

If you want a more intimate appreciation of the people who headed up the executive branch of our government, this is the podcast for you. Informative, conversational, humorous, and an overall joy.


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